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Salesforce is the platform where you can organize business contacts, generate leads, and manage interactions that are taken as the primary requirements for any business.

Integration is basically uniting the systems disparate and put back the customer picture together. You can make the working of the Salesforce more effective by integrating your apps which are already in use. Right from the productivity to marketing and collaboration and far off!. So now with Krios, you can also get the service with which you can connect your Salesforce to all the different tools you need to run your business.

Salesforce Integration
Salesforce API Development

We also work on integrating the different systems with the Salesforce using the API’s like SOAP, REST, BULK, Meta Data API’s and other.

Salesforce Integration
Integration with Different Platform

Our company takes into consideration the high increase in the cloud, social and mobile platforms. We get to you the integration of Salesforce done with the different platforms like the Connectors, Master Data Management (MDM).

Salesforce Integration
Integration Using Mulesoft

At Krios our consulting team helps the enterprises to integrate their Salesforce Systems to the other cloud or on the premise application by making use of the Cloud Application Programming Interface (API) and middleware such as Mulesoft.

We have extensive experience of integrating various systems with Salesforce using

  • Meta Data APIs Meta Data APIs
  • Other Other

We also offer services on Mule Soft® thereby helping companies connect applications, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud with an API-led approach.

About Us

Krios is a company having strong footing on software development, packaged software implementations and allied resource augmentation. Our unique model includes project management with entire project delivery support and responsibility by our in-house subject matter experts, along with augmentation support helps us deliver fast and ensures that no project ever fails due to the lack of direction and resources.

Krios understands that a combination of agility and responsiveness are the key ingredients. Businesses need to stay ahead of their competitors and serve the demands of their customers. We deliver on-demand, skilled talent to your crucial, time-sensitive projects, ensuring you meet your deadlines and deliver value to your customers.