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There is a need to have a complete understanding of the Salesforce environment so as to address short, medium and long term endeavor goals. We hire professionals with broad Salesforce product expertise in Sales, Service and Community.

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  • Salesforce Lightning Developer
  • Salesforce App Exchange Developer
  • Salesforce Einstine Developer
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Quality Assurance Engineer

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There are a lot of skills essential to implement the Salesforce with the L1 and L2 support. For your business to make revenue, a sales force management strategy is critical. This enables you to understand the most efficient technique in achieving and even surpassing sales/revenue targets. It also keeps you open to new ways to expand within a market or a specific niche, as well as optimizing sales costs, including marketing/advertising.

We are always ready to help you maintain the sales force by efficiently working and managing the tasks.

About Us

Krios is a company having strong footing on software development, packaged software implementations and allied resource augmentation. Our unique model includes project management with entire project delivery support and responsibility by our in-house subject matter experts, along with augmentation support helps us deliver fast and ensures that no project ever fails due to the lack of direction and resources.

Krios understands that a combination of agility and responsiveness are the key ingredients. Businesses need to stay ahead of their competitors and serve the demands of their customers. We deliver on-demand, skilled talent to your crucial, time-sensitive projects, ensuring you meet your deadlines and deliver value to your customers.