Case study

Sales App for dealer network

100% user adoption across dealer community

Customer challenge:

The client wanted to develop a sales app for its dealer network to help them track the sales performance at sales engineer, product, zone level and also provide sales insights with sophisticated dashboards on multiple sales performance parameters.

Krios solution:

Krios developed Way2Sales application. This application has facility to capture customer details, enquiry details, visit management module including the visit type/visit time/calendar entry etc. The application also has enquiry listing module to show the enquiry funnel at dealer level, zone level, engineer level.

The application offered a facility to maintain records of enquiry lifecycle in terms of visits, net action, outcome (win/loss). It also had a module on NPS wherein a facility was provided to capture customer feedback on the win/loss analysis for a particular enquiry.

Multiple dashboards were provided to offer sales insights to the users. These dashboards were provided at zonal level, dealer level and sales engineer level. Common parameters of these dashboards were: enquiry source, enquiry value and volume, opportunity funnel, win/loss analysis, NPS dashboard, visit management, territory mapping in terms of visit coverage.


Moving from legacy Excel based sales lead tracking to a sophisticated application was a welcome step for the dealer community and the client observed more user acceptance, more operational control and enhanced sales insights for the company as well as dealers.