Case study

Built Digital capability

100% real-time data access of dispatch and sales plan

Customer challenge:

As a part of its digitisation program, our client wanted to replace its Excel based system with a robust system to have real time access to dispatch and sales plan for its product lines. The purpose of Dispatch plan portal is to provide an interface to perform various transactions and generate reports that will help in scheduling and managing deliveries of product at different plant to their customers. The sales plan portal is created to track sales targets and tactics for the client business and identify the steps to meet business targets. The Portal is used by all users across the globe. The client wanted a solution with a high-end analytics and easy simulation.

Krios solution:

Krios implemented Sales cloud solution to meet the client requirements. The solution features included:

  • Used Salesforce sales cloud for account (customer) and product management.
  • Implemented custom UI using lightning and JavaScript for easy and quick data entry for lengthy and complex products and mat codes.
  • Used SLDS to provide rich user experience.
  • Used Salesforce Standard Visual Flows for wizard-based screens to streamline and simplify the review process.
  • Used Rest API for data integration from SAP to Salesforce.
  • Implemented custom user access and authorization management for Providers
  • Implemented custom UI using lightning for sales plan and dispatch plan configuration
  • Implemented custom summary analytics for sales plan and dispatch plan
  • Implemented custom simulator for dispatch and sales plan
  • A centralized system to manage dispatch plan and sales plan data replacing manual Excel based working.
  • Easy management of Provider user access and authorization with reduced license cost.
  • Sophisticated reporting using Power BI.
  • Anytime, anyplace facility to view and update data for Dispatch and Sales plan.
  • Less efforts to create simulation.
  • Audit trail of each and every changes made by users
  • Maintain history of each Dispatch plan and all draft Sales plan available to view on click.