Case study

Gain access to up-to-date information

100% reduction of manual intervention in data update

Customer challenge:

The client was looking for an integration with its SAP system to get up-to-date information in following areas:

  • Product Data Management - information about products from the SAP system
  • Sales Order Management – Information on sales orders
  • ZSRG data management – get up-to-date ZSRG data
  • External System Integration by continuous data update on FTP server from SAP system using .Net console application
Krios solution:

Krios provided following solutions to ensure effective integration of SAP and Salesforce:

  • Data import facility using “Data import” wizard for small scale data like accounts (Customers).
  • Implemented One Click Navigation Screen for easy and efficient data entry.
  • Used Lightning standard/custom for UI development.
  • Implemented Rest API for getting bulk data update from FTP server and update data in salesforce accordingly
  • Implemented Connected App for getting data from .NET (external) application
  • Implemented console application using .NET which fetches data from FTP server and push to API
  • Streamlined the data management process
  • Quicker update of small-scale data
  • Data update without manual intervention
  • Reporting and analytics of data using Power BI interface