Case study

Data & Analytics services

Anomaly detection in the employee promotion process

60% improvement in employee satisfaction score

Client situation:

Our client, a global organization has employees working in multiple countries with diverse employment laws and work cultures. The client wanted to ensure equal opportunities for all employees irrespective of their location, religion, gender, and other parameters. With this, the client wanted a fair and transparent promotion framework.

Project objective:

A promotion, being a very sensitive topic, the client was looking for a data-driven approach to spot any anomaly and then take corrective action.

Krios solution:

Krios developed a Power BI-based dashboard with data flowing from clients’ applications built on Oracle and SharePoint platforms. Krios’ solution helped the client with the following information at their fingertips:

  • Is the correct person getting promoted?
  • Trend of job title Vs promotion count
  • Location Vs promotion count
  • Gender Vs promotion count
  • Tenure Vs promotion count

The insight from the solution helped the client identify any anomalies or outlier promotion cases and ensure an overall good employee satisfaction score.