Case study

Rebuilt trust level of PAN India dealer network

Reduced unprocessed claim percentage from 60% to 0.05%

Customer challenge:

The client wanted to revamp its after sales and service function and regain the lost trust and confidence of its dealer network.

Dealer community of the client was losing trust as their requests for claims for free repairs, spare parts, after sales service within the warranty period were delayed. The problem was so serious that nearly 60% of the dealer claims were not processed.

Client uses two independent systems for claim processing – a dealer management system and the SAP system. The data exchange between the two systems happens with the XML file. During the export/import of XML file between the two systems, few claims used to get missed and/or unprocessed. Due to lack of any claim tracking application, client staff had to manually track the unprocessed claims in both the systems. This was tedious and time consuming.

This led to missing SLA of claim processing within 24 hours in 60% of the cases.

Krios solution:

Krios team understood the business problem and technical challenges in the workflow. They identified the root cause as the lack of claim tracking application. Krios developed a Claims Reconciliation Analytics application for the dealers as well as client user base.

This application helped the dealers and client users gain access to real time claim status. With this information, one could easily track the bottleneck in claim processing and take immediate action to resolve the claim.

  • 100% SLA adherence of claim processing within 24 hours
  • Reduced unprocessed claim percentage from 60% to 0.05%
  • Real time access to claim status to dealers and client users
  • Happy dealers with high trust level and confidence