Case study

Built process efficiency

80% reduction in enrollment time

Customer challenge:

The client was facing challenge in terms of longer enrollment time while filing the application, revalidation and application authorization request. Also, the client wanted to eliminate the manual process, ensure 24/7 payment status visibility, spot duplicate invoices and inform about late fees. Its Accounts receivable process was time consuming with longer payment settlement timeline. The client articulated following business requirements:

  • Accounts Management: Manage Enrollment and validation requests on submission of application and their selected products.
  • Products Management: Manage all types of products supported selected as per the requests of the Members.
  • User Access and Authorization Management: Effective and efficient management of access and authorization of applicant users.
  • Docu Sign Integration: Real time integration of PDF application to digitally sign by the applicant and signer.
  • Community : Ability to add applicant records through community via filling all the tabs from application.
  • Announcement to End Users: Ability to send email communication to applicant based on criteria of record types like Prospect.
Krios solution:

Krios was engaged to bring in efficiency in enrollment and validation request processing. The scope included managing all product types as per the member selection, real time data integration with DocuSign system, building an ability to add applicant records through community via filling all the tabs from application and also building an ability to analyze payment solutions with respect to selected product.

Krios implemented Sales cloud solution to build following solution features:

  • Implemented registration feature using Salesforce Community application forms.
  • Implemented custom user access and authorization management for providers by email communication.
  • Configuring Email templates, LWC pages, Flows, Process Builder.
  • Implemented One Click Navigation Assessment Screen for easy and efficient assessment data entry.
  • Used Salesforce Standard Visual Flows for tab based screens to streamline and simplify the review process.
  • Used SLDS to provide rich user experience.
  • Used Branding color sets for different communities in 1 application.
  • Email Schedules/reminder via workflow.
  • Used Salesforce Lightning Communities to manage application Enrollment, validation and submission and Prior completion requests.
  • Docu Sign API Integration with Salesforce.
  • With all the solution features build using Sales Cloud helped the client reduce application filling time for Enrollment, Re-validation and authorization of application requests.
  • Easy management of Provider user access and authorization with simple process.
  • Real time data integration with Docu sign System.
  • Ability to analyze payment solutions with respect to selected product.