Why is Salesforce the best CRM software for your company?

November 2022
Why is Salesforce the best CRM software for your company?

Choosing a Customer Relationship Management Software for your company is an important decision. You need to have a grasp of exactly what kind of CRM needs your company has and if you can find a CRM software that has multiple modules, and does not just serve one purpose.

Why is Salesforce exactly what you need?

The answer is simple: Salesforce is a Multipurpose Software.

With its easy-to-use functionalities and well-integrated interface, Salesforce serves as a centralized hub that performs lead management, marketing automation, partner management, and sales data management. It offers various services and tools, each targeted at a specific function or market. These tools are called “clouds,” because they’re all served via cloud computing.

There are 6 major Salesforce clouds offered by Salesforce

  • Sales Cloud
  • Services Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Experience Cloud

This blog is going to explore these clouds, and you’ll be able to learn about their essential features and functions.

1. Let’s start with the Sales Cloud:

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is perhaps the company’s most popular application. It is designed to help organizations sell faster and smarter by automating the sales process, driving lead generation, and facilitating communication across multiple channels. According to Salesforce, companies using Sales Cloud register a 37% increase in win rate and a 44% increase in productivity. You have advantages as a Business Leader and a Sales representative.

As a business leader, you can:

  • Easily gain insight into how the business is doing, and figure out where you need to focus your efforts and where to make decisions based on market changes.
  • Easily update end-to-end operations of a company’s Sales department to adapt to any industry shifts.

As a Sales Rep, you can:

  • Manage deals from a mobile workspace.
  • Maintain customer Contacts, Email systems and Receive regular and consistent reports.
  • Track every customer interaction with a Customer 360 Data Manager.

2. Salesforce Services Cloud:

The Salesforce Services Cloud is also a very popular application in the Salesforce ecosystem. It functions as Customer Service Management and functions as a help desk, a platform for customers to share concerns, and enables companies to provide personalized customer support. It uses AI and natural language processing to suggest replies for agents in real time.

3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud was formerly known as Exact Target. It works to automate your company’s marketing activities and campaigns. The Marketing Cloud helps you engage with customers instantaneously, across a variety of channels, focusing on email and social media.

The Marketing Cloud uses several marketing tools, including:

  • Email Studio: Creates targeted, personalized emails.
  • Social Studio: Connects you with the social data you need to amplify your marketing strategies.
  • Data Studio: Helps you monetize your customer data.
  • Advertising Studio: Engages with customers via social media, customer service, and other channels.

4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

The name says it all. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is designed to deal with all eCommerce-based activities. It is mainly for B2C companies that offer their products and services online.

Some important features the Commerce Cloud includes in its application:

  • Channel management across offline, digital, social, and mobile channels.
  • Cloud scalability
  • Self-service capabilities, like curb-side pickup and chat, are available.

5. Salesforce Analytics Cloud:

For companies to flourish, it’s important to make the most of the data you collect. Analyzing large chunks of data needs to be done in an efficient manner. That’s exactly what the Analytics Cloud does. Through AI technology that digs deep, you can extract actionable insights and intuitively visualize your data in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

6. Salesforce Experience Cloud:

The Salesforce Experience Cloud was formerly known as the Community Cloud. A very apt name, as it connects customers, employers, partners, and agents into online communities. It helps you create web-based portals for collaboration, customer services, sales, and other key activities. The Experience Cloud taps into your CRM data to create an internal network of all the Salesforce users in your company. You can create custom portals for your HR department, IT help desk, and other internal services.

You can drive significant improvements in revenue growth, efficiency, and productivity with a powerful CRM like Salesforce. With the multiple facets and markets, it can explore and revolutionize, Salesforce is a CRM worth investing in.

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“Salesforce is the leading CRM platform in the world. It has proven to be perfect for small companies, for companies that are established and growing, and for Multi-National Companies. ”